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Dare to create with MINI
Revopoint MINI is a high-precision blue light 3D scanner with incredible performance. The MINI is compact and has a precision of up to 0.02mm. Its performance rivals professional dental cast scanners making possible the skilled use of the MINI for dental cast making by professionals. The MINI can also be used for jewellery design, reverse engineering, quality inspection, garage kit reproduction, miniature 3D model making, etc. The MINI is a necessary modelling tool for professionals such as designers, engineers, makers, and medical and scientific research workers.

Amazingly Precision of 0.02mm
The MINI’s industrial-grade scanner precision of 0.02mm allows even the tiniest parts to be accurately scanned and presented as such. The output model has a high density of point clouds with a 0.05mm point distance. You can use the MINI for dental cast making, jewelry design, garage kit reproduction, miniature 3D model making, and other fields and instances in which obtaining detailed high-precision models is necessary.

Industrial Blue Light
The MINI adopts industrial-grade blue light technology, which projects ultra-high-resolution structured light and has a strong ability to resist ambient light. The class 1 blue light used in the MINI scanner is harmless to the human body and can be scanned directly on the skin [2] making it safe and user-friendly for all possible applications.

Scan Speed Up to 10fps
Revopoint MINI has a scanning speed of up to 10 frames per second. With the help of upgraded intelligent algorithms, it can significantly reduce stitching errors in successive scanning. The integration of a proprietary chip allows MINI to directly output 3D data.

Versatile Scanning Modes
The MINI is designed to work as a handheld and turntable scanner for multiple 3D scanning applications. The MINI supports two ways of the alignment: the maker and the feature. It is an ideal device that can scan objects with various shapes for all kinds of 3D modeling needs.

Easy-To-Use Software
Revopoint has developed three powerful software for obtaining an even more perfect model: the 3D scanning software Revo Scan, the professional model editing software Revo Studio, and the calibration software Revo Calibration. Each of these software can be utilized at different stages of the scanning process to assist in creating a high-precision 3D scan that captures every inch of detail the user seeks to include.

Compatible with Design Software
The model formats outputted by Revopoint scanners are compatible with mainstream 3D processing software. It is ideal for users to achieve a convenient and efficient cross-platform workflow.

A Wide Range of Applications
The MINI can accommodate multiple applications including reverse engineering, digital processing of fossils and cultural relics,jewelry design, medical application, 3D animation, quality inspection, etc.

Revopoint Mini - High-Precision Blue Light 3D Scanner

  • Product Name : 3D Scanner

    Product Model : MINI

    Technology : Dual-camera blue light

    Single-frame Precision : 0.02 mm

    Single capture range : 64 mm x 118 mm

    Working distance : 100 mm ~ 200 mm

    Minimum scan volume : 10×10×10 (mm)

    Scan speed : Up to 10 fps

    Light source : Class 1 blue light

    Alignment : Feature, Marker

    Press button : Yes

    Output format : PLY, OBJ, STL

    Texture scan : Yes

    Special object scanning : For transparent and highly reflective objects, please use scanning spray.

    Scanning Environment : Indoor

    Scanner weight : 160g

    Dimensions : 120×38.5×25 (mm)

    Printable data output : Able to export 3D models directly to 3D printing

    Required computer configurations : Windows 8\10\11 (64-bit), Android, iOS, MAC

    Wi-Fi : 5 G

    Connector Type : Micro USB

  • *The accuracy above is acquired in a standard lab environment, which might vary subject to the actual operating environment.

    * Windows 7 is out of support.

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