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"Idea to Done 3D Workshop (Individual)", the first 1-to-1 workshop in the market for you to learn 3D design, 3D printing and Post Processing at your own pace. You can also use our 3D Printers for free to bring your creation to reality. The workshop is perfect for anyone who are interested to create their own prototypes, anime characters, decorations or small parts. Moreover, we welcome kids to join as well and our caring instructors will help them to unleash their creativity and equip themselves for the future.


"Idea to Done 3D Workshop (Individual)" Features:


  • Free style 1-to-1 learning to learn 3D Design, 3D Printing and Post Processing at your own pace and interest.
  • Flexible session time and length to fit your schedule. You can also choose between face to face or Zoom online learning.
  • Free to use our 3D Printers (materials on included) to print our creation.


Participation and Notes:


  • Participant can purchase session time in this page.
  • After the purchase, contact us to make your session appointment.
  • You are suggested to bring your own computer or iPad (if applicable). You can also use our equipment (for face to face learning only).
  • You can use our 3D printer for free but you need purchase printing materials from us. To protect our equipment, you cannot use materials purchased from somewhere else.

Idea to Done 3D Workshop (Individual)


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