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3D Design and Printing Service

Have a creative idea but don't know how to use 3D design software?

Want to 3D print something but don't have a 3D printer?


Welcome to use our 3D design and printing service!

3D Model Design Service

Our experienced designer will discuss with you on your ideas and requirements. We will then help you to design and build the 3D model. Apart from appearance, we will also consider factors for 3D printing and the physical properties required for the finishing product


LCD 3D Printing Service

LCD 3D printers can print precise and accurate objects with excellent quality. The large printing size of our Photocentric Liquid Crystal Magna can also support small scale production which provides the best 3D printing service with reasonable costs.

FDM 3D Printing Service

If you are just printing prototypes or for personal use, please consider our low cost FDM 3D printing service. We use the best 3D printer to print and apart from the common PLA or ABS  plastic materials, you can also choose other special materials.

Post Processing Service

We provide a wide range post processing service such as sanding, support removal, colouring or any specific effects requirements.