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If you are interested in Computer Aided Design (CAD), or want to make a decorative piece that combines technology and art, our " Dual Faced WordArt Workshop" can satisfy your wishes! In this two-session, two-hour-per-session workshop, we will teach you how to use Autodesk Fusion 360 CAD software to make a special font decoration, and then print it out with a 3D printer. You can learn 3D design and printing skills while enjoying the fun of making a nice art piece. After completion, you can also have a unique decorative masterpiece!

 The content of the "Dual Faced WordArt Workshop" includes:

  •  There are two sessions in total, each lasting two hours, for a total of four hours. Participants can choose to attend at any time we provide.
  •  Learn to use Autodesk Fusion 360 CAD software and learn how to use it to create accurate 3D models.
  •  Learn 3D printing concepts, settings and related knowledge.
  •  Practical operation of 3D printer.
  •  Print one 4cm x 4cm x 4cm double-sided font for free.

Adults or children aged 6 and above (children under 9 years old must be accompanied by a guardian, free of charge) can participate. No experience is required. We will provide individual guidance to each participant based on their learning progress. Participants can also communicate with each other and join our special WhatsApp group to share experiences.

Course location: Shop 155, Laforet East Point, 24-26 East Point Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Course language: Mainly Cantonese, individual instruction in English is also available if necessary.


  •  In the following cases, we will arrange to provide make-up classes at a later date (the make-up class date will be determined by the number of participants that can be accommodated):            
    •  Due to special circumstances, the company may cancel the workshop on a specific day and notify you by email or other contact methods at least 48 hours in advance.
    •  Typhoon Signal No. 8 or above or Black Rainstorm Warning is hoisted on the day of the workshop.



  •  The company will confirm the class date and time with the participants individually. If the class date or time needs to be changed, the participants must notify the company within 48 hours before the class. Late requests will not be accepted and the class hours will be deducted without any make-up classes.
  •  Participants must attend the second class within one month of the first class, otherwise the second class will be forfeited.
  •  The company will not refund paid workshop participation fees under any circumstances.
  •  The company will provide a computer with the necessary software and a 3D printer for participants to use. Participants can also choose to use their own equipment.

 Group Registration

 In addition to the above dates, we also accept group registrations of 4 or more people and set their own dates for classes. Please contact us for details.

Dual Faced WordArt Workshop

  • We will hold workshops (two hours each) every week at the following times:

    • Thursday and Friday 3-5pm / 7-9pm
    • Saturday 11am-1pm / 2-4pm

    After you register, someone will contact you to confirm the date and time you would like to start your course.

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