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The best STEM combination: 3D printing + Micro:bit

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) is a big trend in global education in recent years, and micro:bit can be regarded as a star product in STEM education. micro:bit is a pocket computer designed to inspire children's creative thinking. It can be programmed in many different ways and has many uses. micro:bit encourages children to explore ideas using real code. Since its launch, more than 6.5 million micro:bits have been manufactured and sold, and it is estimated that 42 million children have learned digital skills through micro:bit.

3D printing and micro:bit can be used together in STEM education to develop students' innovation and problem-solving abilities. Through 3D printing, students can turn their designs into physical models, and micro:bit can be used to program and control these models. This interdisciplinary learning method not only enhances students' interest in science and engineering, but also strengthens their computational thinking and teamwork skills.

This time we have selected several 3D printing models related to micro:bit to introduce to you. If you or your children have played with micro:bit, or want to start learning how to use micro:bit, don’t miss it!


One of the common uses of micro:bit is to control robots. This set of Wall-E models allows everyone to make a living Wall-E! In addition to the model file, the designer also provides detailed parts information and production instructions. Wall-E fans may want to give it a try.

Egg Timer

Do you like to eat boiled eggs? How well do you like them? With this micro:bit-driven egg timer, you can set different times for raw and done eggs. It is very convenient and practical.

Humbot mi:pet

Most beginners of micro:bit will first learn to control the LED panel on the micro:bit to display different patterns. This Humbot mi:pet is a 3D model designed by a teacher. You only need to install the micro:bit and use the LED panel to display different expressions to create a micro:bit pet.

micro:bit Racing Game

Don’t think that the LED panel on micro:bit can only display simple things. In fact, it can also be used to make a simple racing game! Add a 3D printed steering wheel, and it feels great!


Want to print but don’t have a 3D printer? No problem, you can use our 3D printing service and get high-quality printing services at affordable prices. Students can get a 20% discount! If you really want to design 3D models yourself, you must participate in our Idea to Done workshop !

Want to print by yourself? Then a high-speed 3D printer is a must! The following Bambu Lab 3D printers will definitely be the best choice!

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