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SDRacing x Vaquform: Vacuum Forming Remote Control Car Shell Specialty Store

During the Covid-19 pandemic, everyone is spending more time at home, and many friends are taking this opportunity to try new things. Scarset Vincent, a French designer in Hong Kong, bought from us a Vaquform DT2 vacuum forming machine to make the shell of a remote control car, and created the Scarset Design Racing (SDRacing) brand!

Scarset Vincent has lived in Hong Kong since 2003. He is a senior designer from France who is very good at 3D design software and is also a user of 3D printers. At the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, he realized that he would have to stay at home for a long time and was not sure how his design work would be in the next few months. He is a fan of remote control cars, so he had the idea of making his own remote control car shell. Vacuum Forming is one of the common techniques for making remote control car shells. When Scarset discovered the Vaquform DT2 , a tabletop vacuum forming machine that does not require an external vacuum cleaner, he bought one without hesitation.

After getting the Vaquform DT2, Scarset began to design different styles of car shells, and then used 3D printing for the blister model, and then used transparent PETG film as the blister material to make the car shell. According to Scarset, he is a senior designer, but he has never been exposed to vacuum blister before, but Vaquform DT2 is very easy to use, and he quickly got the hang of it.

You can watch the video below to learn more about Scarset’s production process and his thoughts on Vaquform DT2:

The novel coronavirus has indeed had a huge impact on everyone’s lives, but everyone can take the opportunity to learn some new technologies like Scarset Vincent, and perhaps discover some new opportunities!

If you want to know more about Scarset Design Racing, or want to know how Scarset Vincent makes his products, you can click the logo below to visit the Scarset Design Racing website.

Image source: SDRacing

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