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Idea to Done 3D Workshop


Have you thought about:

  • designing your own character and make a real figurine of him or her, or introduce him or her to the virtual world of metaverse?

  • developing your own business by turning product design idea to reality?

  • unleashing your kids' potential and develop his or her observation and creative thinking capabilities? 


Join our "Idea to Done 3D Workshop" to embark a creative journey through the virtual and real world. Our experienced instructors will teach you how to use different tools and technologies to bring your creative ideas to reality. You will learn, based on your own interest and pace, to:

  • use and master different 3D design and modelling tools such as Nomad Sculpt, Autodesk Fusion 360, Blender, etc. 

  • assist and speed up your creative process using advanced artificial intelligence (AI) tools and technologies.

  • understand 3D printing principals and use our 3D printers to print your design.

  • learn 3D post processing and painting techniques to bring your masterpiece to the next level.