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Innovative Digital Art Workshop


Do you know art creation can train us to use the right side of our brain and improve our observation and creative skills? Indeed you can be an artist by just having a iPad and an Apple Pencil. Your digital creation will be your starting point to enter the virtual world of NFT, Metaverse, Sandbox, etc and with a 3D printer, you can easily bring your creation to reality!


Join our "Innovative Digital Art Workshop" to embark a creative journey through the virtual and real world. Our experienced will teach you how to use Nomad Sculpt, a powerful but simple digital sculpting app to create your own masterpiece. Moreover we will 3D print your work and teach you post-processing and colouring techniques to bring your creation to reality.



You don't need any prior experience to join our workshop and both adults and kids can join and enjoy the creative experience. We also offer two class types to cater for different learning and scheduling needs:

  • Group Class: 2 sessions are scheduled in the morning and afternoon of every Saturday. Apart from having our experienced instructors in your creative journey, you can also collaborate and share ideas with others.

  • Individual Class: You can pick your own date and time to get a private 1-1 and tailor-made learning experience. You can also choose between face to face or Zoom online session according to your preference.​​

Innovative Digital Art Workshop (Group)
Innovative Digital Art Workshop (Individual)
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