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Seeing Both Sides: Dual Faced WordArt Workshop

Updated: Apr 19

We have seen many flat nameplates, but have you ever seen 3D dual faced word? Not only can you see them, you can also make your own favorite words and even make your name into a pendant. It is really suitable for both gift giving and personal use!

We will teach you how to use Fusion360 to create the words you choose. Through the process of making dual faced word, you can understand the basic operations of Fusion360 and the basic knowledge of making 3D models.

The 3D dual faced word you make will be printed out through 3D printing. You can learn about the basic principles of 3D printing technology and 3D printing settings, and understand what needs to be done after printing.

Even if you have no experience in 3D design and printing, we can allow you to experience the fun of 3D modeling and 3D printing technology, as well as the satisfaction of getting a 3D finished product in just two to four hours!

Want to take both the technology and the physical object away immediately? Welcome to sign up for Dual Faced WordArt Workshop !

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