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AI Revolution: Meshy can generate 3D models.

As we adapt to the convenience and impact of AI, AI Meshy, which can generate 3D models, was born. Facing the challenge and assistance brought to us by AI Meshy, a strong opponent and teammate, of course it is necessary for us to immediately understand what it can do!

We tried to convert text and images in such a way that Meshy could create the two 3D models.

Meshy is ideally suited to assist users without 3D modeling experience in building simple 3D models quickly through text or image conversion.

The 3D models it produces look good, but the 3D models produced at this stage are still quite rough and require manual processing and modification, for example, import to NomadSculpt for further manipulation.

If you are interested in 3D modeling but don't know where to start, let Meshy generate a 3D model for you, and then process the modifications with 3D modeling tools to produce more details.

Or sign up for our Idea to Done 3D Workshop to make the 3D model you want!

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