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3D Model Selection: Gundam Seed Freedom

Much anticipated, the Gundam Seed movie version, Gundam Seed Freedom, which fans have been waiting for almost 20 years, has finally premiered in Hong Kong. Have you all watched it yet? This time, we take advantage of the rising trend of Gundam Seed to introduce a few 3D model downloads related to Gundam Seed. Fans of Seed with 3D printers, you definitely can’t miss this!

(Note: Some of the 3D models below require a fee for download. We are just introducing them for your information. Please decide for yourself whether to purchase. If there are any problems or losses, our company will not be responsible.)

1/60 Freedom Gundam

Although the original Freedom Gundam did not officially appear in the movie version, we really can’t help but introduce this 1/60 scale Freedom Gundam 3D model. This model was designed by a netizen named ‘Castbohea’ from mainland China using Blender. In addition to having more than 300 very detailed parts, it also comes with assembly instructions. Most importantly, it’s completely free!

SD Archangel

The Archangel is definitely the representative battleship of Gundam Seed, and the popularity of the female captain Ramius is not less than that of the first heroine Lacus! This Q version SD Archangel is cute and retains many details, making it very uniquely designed.

Lacus Clyne

Since we mentioned the Lacus above, how can we not include her in this list? This bust of Lacus is designed based on the movie version. Those who like to color humanoid dolls can consider taking up the challenge.

Gundam Seed 1/144 Stand

Taking advantage of the popularity of the movie version, Bandai certainly won’t miss the opportunity. In addition to launching the new Seed Freedom models, they are also re-selling many old models of Seed and Seed Destiny. To display the model beautifully, of course, you can’t do without a model stand. The stands introduced here have logos of different forces, which are perfect for use on Gundam Seed models.


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