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3D Modeling in Pursuit of Detail (Part 1): Recreating a Vintage Model Car: 1956 Mercury XM Turnpike Cruiser

Creating 3D models for customers with different needs is actually a very interesting and fun challenge. Our colleague Edward enjoys making 3D models. This time, we would like to share with you the story of one of our customers , a Swiss man, who loves antique model cars.

This Swiss gentleman's hobby is to build model cars, assemble and paint them by himself. However, with the changing times, this hobby is also facing the challenge of fewer and fewer hand-made model car craftsmen, and even declining quality. Some of his favorite model car styles have never appeared or sold on the market. Therefore, he decided to explore the possibilities of the 3D printing market. After searching for a while, he finally found Beets to try to make the antique model car in his mind for him.

Based on the real car reference drawings provided by the customer, we also referred to the actual model car to understand how to assemble it, in order to achieve a balance in making a 3D model while converting the reference plane drawings into a 3D model. Based on the customer's opinions and requirements, we did our best to restore this 1956 Mercury XM Turnpike Cruiser antique car and modified it to make it more imposing in appearance in order to meet the model car's appearance in his mind.

Mr. Swiss was very satisfied with the 3D model of the antique model car that Edward made according to his requirements. After we arranged for the 3D model of the antique model car to be 3D printed, he recorded the process of coloring and assembling, and sent the photos back to us for our appreciation.

In addition, the customer often comes back to us to make and 3D print other model car accessories for him. We also tried to 3D print a fully transparent car roof for him.

Next time, we will look at how to restore and modify the vintage model car 59 BUICK for Mr. Swiss.

Do you have a model in mind that you want to make? Welcome to contact us at 3D Design and Printing Services to discuss how to make a 3D model that belongs only to you!

If you want to make your own 3D model, you can also participate in our Idea to Done 3D workshop to experience the fun of making 3D models!

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