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FormFutura High Gloss PLA is a modified 3D printing filament that is based on PLA (polylactic acid) and enhanced with other polymers and modifiers, which gives 3D printed parts a surface finish with an extremely high gloss and high level of light dispersion and reflection. High Gloss PLA filament comes in various deep brilliant colors and allows you to 3D print parts with almost no visible layers.


Unique features

  • Extremely high gloss
  • High level of light dispersion and reflection
  • Wide variety of deep brilliant colors
  • 3D prints with almost no visible layers
  • Very smooth and silky surface finish

FormFutura 1.75mm High Gloss PLA

HK$378.00 Regular Price
HK$189.00Sale Price
  • Nozzle size:  ≥ 0.15mm

    Print temperature:  ± 215 - 245° C

    Hot bed temperature:  ± 60° C

    Printing layer height:  ≥ 0.1mm

    Fan Speed:  50-100%

    Printer enclosure: not required

    3D printing experience required:  primary

    Material Net Weight: 0.75kg

    The information shown above is for reference only to find the best print settings. These setting ranges should work for most printers, but depending on the printer, you may want to test outside of these ranges. Due to the variety of printers on the market, it is not possible to provide a one-size-fits-all setting.

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