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Liquid Crystal Magna
3D Printer

The Liquid Crystal Magna 3D Printer delivers the ideal combination of a large build volume with accurate printing making it the right tool for custom mass manufacture. Casting, prototyping, dental aligners, automotive, figurines and more! Offering highly accurate and detailed parts in a recordtime at a revolutionary scale, the LC Magna is tailored for every industry.

The Largest Build Volume LCD
3D Printer

LC Magna’s 23.8" 4K Ultra HD screen offers unparalleled precision and detail for high resolution mass manufactured prints. Turn mass manufacturing on its head with the LC Magna’s rapid cure times of just 3-8 seconds (dependent on resin). These unbelievably fast times will provide a disruptive change to the custom mass manufacturing of every industry.

Concept Green - LC Magna - Optimised.jpg

After printing is completed, you can just wash the objects with warm water or alcohol and then post cured them under UV light source.


You can also purchase the optional Photocentric Wash Ultra Sonic Cleaner, Photocentric Resin Cleaner and Photocentric Cure UV Curing Station to build a complete end to end printing, cleaning and post-curing solution.

Product Specification

LCD Specifications: 23.8" (3840 x 2160 px)

Build Volume: 510 x 280 x 350mm

Layer Thickness: 25-200 Microns

XY Pixel Density: 137 Microns

Cure Speed: 3-8 seconds (100 microns, depending on resin)

Connectivity: USB, Wireless, Ethernet

Dimensions: 850 x 650 x 950mm

Weight: 100kg

Software:   Photocentric Studio  (Perpetual licenses for 2 computers included)

Resin included: 2kg of Magna Dental White Resin, 2kg of Magna Hard Black Resin

Photopolymer Resin

With an array of high-grade resins at your disposal the Photocentric Liquid Crystal Magna 3D Printer has the ability to revolutionise every industry laying the path for truly innovative custom mass manufacture.

Daylight Magna Hard

Strong, accurate parts with low shrinkage are made using our Magna Hard resin. This 3D printing resin produces stiff parts that cannot be easily deformed with compression or tension. Great for large scale applications where large models or even short run parts are required. The parts will display mechanical behaviour comparable to Polycarbonate/ABS blends.

Daylight Magna Dental

Accurate, high resolution models especially for dental work can be created using Magna Dental Model resin. Ideal for Orthodontic, study, and working models and created in collaboration with Dental Technologists to ensure optimal colour, feel and working characteristics.

Daylight Dental Model White Resin Optimised.jpg
Daylight Magna High Tensile

When strong parts are required, our unique Magna High Tensile is the resin of choice. Capable of producing incredibly detailed parts along with great strength, higher than that of injection moulded Polycarbonate with similar mechanical behaviour. Our 3D High Tensile Resin enables you to 3D print extremely strong and durable parts while maintaining an incredibly high accuracy.

Daylight Magna Concept

Bring your model figurines and other designs to life with the Magna Concept Green resin. Print jewellery prototypes or detailed figurines with high strength, durability, and most importantly high accuracy with finished smooth surfaces. Figurine prints can be shown as is or easily painted by airbrush.

Daylight Magna Durable

Our Daylight Magna Durable resin is ideal for 3d printing durable, strong objects that can be bent without breaking. Thick objects are stiff but can be made to bend and flex under strain and will return to their original shape. Daylight Magna durable can be used for the fabrication of functional parts requiring a higher impact strength and durability.

5kg bottle_Daylight Magna Durable Black - Prints.jpg
Daylight Magna Translucent

Our new Magna Translucent is specially formulated for making objects with high tensile strength and hardness, fast. The resin is optimised for mass manufacture, being both very fast to print and fast to post expose, delivering a dry surface finish. Magna Translucent can be printed at up to 350 µm layers (geometry dependent).

Daylight Magna Duramax

Our Daylight Magna Duramax 3D printing resin has been created for 3D printing functional parts that are very durable and long-lasting, with high impact strength. Thick objects are stiff but can be made to flex under strain, while returning to their original shape.

Daylight Magna Draft

Our Daylight Magna Draft 3D printing resin is our fastest printing resin yet. Specifically designed to allow for detailed, large parts to printed in shorter times for rapid prototyping or even production. This resin works up to a 350 μm layer height with low curing times, reducing print times dramatically. The end parts manufactured exhibit very high strength comparable to acrylic and polyimide.

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