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Good Hope School x Beets @ Teachers and students experience the fun of 3D design together!

In recent years, many schools have held various STEAM/STEM activity days, aiming to allow students to learn and get in touch with more new things through actual participation, exploration, inspiration and innovation. This time, we are very grateful to Good Hope School for cooperating with us, Beets to hold a workshop on making 3D models with TinkerCad, which brought an interesting experience to the school’s teachers and third and fourth grade students!

Before the official event day, we went to the school to conduct special training on TinkerCad for all teachers! In just one hour, the teachers were able to master the basic functions and operations of TinkerCad and complete the production of the 3D model used for this practice, Kirby. Many teachers actively participated in the production. While completing the practice, they also discussed with us how to adjust the experience content of the event day so that students can enjoy the learning process of making 3D models more.

We also prepared special souvenirs for hundreds of students: using Fusion360 to create 3D Dual Faced words, and then using 3D printing to make them into hanging ornaments!

On the day of the event, students learned how to use TinkerCad to create 3D models through our explanations and demonstrations. Afterwards, they experienced the fun of making 3D models through practical exercises!

If you are interested in making 3D double-sided characters, you are welcome to sign up for our " Dual Faced WordArt Workshop "! You can also be like the students of Good Hope School, who marveled at the difficulty of making dual faced characters while happily taking the finished products home.

If any school, institution, organization or group is interested in hosting the above activities, please contact us . We will tailor a professional and fun workshop for you to explore and inspire everyone's unlimited potential!

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