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Creating a Roblox accessory with Nomad: Make your own unique accessory

Roblox is the most popular game among kids around the world. Players can control their characters in different worlds and play different games. In addition to games, Roblox also allows players to create their own worlds, their own games, and even accessories for their characters. Creators can also sell the assets and accessories they created on the market, but sometimes the assets created by others might not be the one you most desired, so today I will introduce how to create your own unique Roblox accessories.

There are all kinds of cosplay accessories on the Roblox market. As a fan of Pokémon, I've always wanted to have Ash's hat for myself, but no one had ever made his hat, so I came up with the idea of making the accessory myself.

To make Digital assets, you must first make a 3D model. This time I used Nomad Sculpt to draw the cap. Nomad Sculpt is a mobile/tablet app, a digital sculpting software. Users can use different sculpting tools in the software to make 3D models, just like playing with clay. Using Nomad has very intuitive controls, and it can be used anytime and anywhere, it is very simple and convenient.

Since Roblox items have a voxel(resolution of 3D models) limit, the cap must be reduced to less than 4000 voxels before it can be used. The 3D model was exported as OBJ format and sent to the Roblox Studio on the computer for further processing.

Roblox Studio is a Roblox platform for players to create their own worlds and games. This time we will use Roblox Studio to set up and upload our own accessory. There are many different add-ons in Roblox Studio. This time I used the free-to-use Asset Creator add-on. Asset Creator allows me to easily turn a 3D model into an accessory that can be read by the game. You can do it without any programming knowledge, and you can even try it on and run it in Roblox Studio.

After it is done, you can upload it to Roblox. It costs 750 Robux (digital currency) to upload, but you can use your own work in return or publish it onto the market to earn money. If you are interested in Nomad Sculpt or the entire Roblox accessories, you can participate in our Idea to Done 3D workshop to learn together!

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