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3D Printer Buying Guide (3): Schools and STEM Education

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

There are many types of 3D Printers and you may get overwhelmed when you browse our product page. This series of "3D Printer Buying Guide" is to help you to make the right choice. If you have any further questions and comments, feel free to Contact Us!

This article is for Schools and STEM Education

FDM printers are the best choice for beginners as they are easy to operate and there are many affordable choices. For kids or use in family, safety and size is very important - especially in smaller apartments in Hong Kong. For materials, it's best to use PLA as it's easier to use and won't release bad smell while printing. Also PLA can be printed without a heat bed and it's very suitable for kids.

Apart from 3D printing, Zmorph Fab provides CNC and laser engraving functionality with a unique toolhead switching design. It gives students complete freedom to use different materials and fabrication methods with a safe and reliable solution.

Makerpi K5-plus 3D Printer is a very capable 3D printer with an excellent value for money. Apart from high printing quality, it provides many usability features like power outage resumption, wireless monitoring, intelligent bed levelling, etc. Moreover, it's fully enclosed print chamber provides a safe printing environment and handles ABS well. Lastly, users can add the optional laser head for laser engraving

To facilitate STEM education, many schools has set up STEM Lab for students to learn and experiment. The low-cost and small sized Monoprice MP Select Mini 3D Printer is the best option for setting up a "3D printer farm" such that students won't need to queue for printing their works

Originally designed for the catering industry, the Procusini Food Printer can actually be a powerful fabrication tools for schools! With the free Procusini Club platform, teachers and students can use different food materials to create 2D or 3D edible objects. Since food materials have different properties, students can experiment with different settings to achieve the best outcome

Demonstration:Baby Groot

While not as powerful as the Procusini Food Printer, Mycusini is a simple to use and very affordable chocolate printer. It's ideal for use in Home Economics or extra-curricular activities.

Mosaic Palette

Different colours are used in educational models like chemical structures, animal organs or geographic models to represent different parts. Mosaic Palette can enable a normal single colour 3D printer to print in multiple colours, giving more flexibility to teachers and students to create such models.

3D Printer Buying Guide

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