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Summer vacation is coming soon, and everyone may start to have a headache about arranging summer activities for their children:

  •  The activities should be fun and interesting, and most importantly, the children should be able to learn new knowledge and skills from them.
  •  After completing the activity, I hope my children will feel a sense of success, and it would be best if they had a goal that they can actually achieve.
  •  During the summer vacation, everyone has the opportunity to travel as a family, so it is best to have flexibility in the activity time.
  •  For younger children, parents may wish to accompany them to do this exercise, which not only makes their children feel more secure, but also enhances parent-child bonding.

 Don't worry! "Idea to Done 3D Workshop (2024 Summer Special Class)" can fully meet your requirements! In a total of eight classes, each two hours long, we will teach your children to use the digital 3D sculpture iPad App: Nomad Sculpt, 3D printing and post-production coloring techniques to turn the ideas in their minds (Idea) into reality and complete them (Done). Your children can participate in the workshop according to their own interests and free time, and under the guidance of our instructors, complete the goals they hope to achieve, such as:

  •  Make a doll of your favorite anime character from scratch, or even create a brand new human or animal character.
  •  Bring an art design idea to life and learn different 3D design tools.
  •  Cultivate wild imagination to enhance observation and creative thinking abilities.

 The following is the content of the eight sessions of the workshop:

  •  Session 1 : Students learn the basic operations of the digital 3D sculpture iPad App: Nomad Sculpt from scratch and complete a simple work under the guidance of the instructor.
  •  Session 2-5 : Students will start to use Nomad Sculpt to create the model of their choice. Our instructor will teach different Nomad Sculpt sculpting techniques and give valuable advice, allowing students to gradually master Nomad Sculpt.
  •  Session 6 : Students will continue to complete their work under the guidance of the instructor. We will also explain the basic knowledge of 3D printing, and students will try the 3D printing operation process. We will also print the masterpieces made by students in Nomad Sculpt.
  •  Session 7-8 : Learn post-production techniques and color the prints we make for students to complete your own artwork.

 The workshop is taught in small classes, and participants can choose to attend the class at any time we provide. Full-time students aged 6 and above can participate, and can choose to be accompanied by a guardian for free (children under 9 years old must be accompanied by a guardian). Participants do not need any experience. We will provide individual guidance based on the learning progress of each participant. Participants can also communicate with each other and join our special WhatsApp group to share experiences.

 Want to know how fun the workshop is? Check out our live coverage now!

 Course location: Shop 155, Laforet East Point, 24-26 East Point Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

 Course language: Mainly Cantonese, individual instruction in English is also available if necessary.


  •  In the following cases, we will arrange to provide make-up classes at a later date (the make-up class date will be determined by the number of participants that can be accommodated):    
    •  Due to special circumstances, the company may cancel the workshop on a specific day and notify you by email or other contact methods at least 48 hours in advance.
    •  Typhoon Signal No. 8 or above or Black Rainstorm Warning is hoisted on the day of the workshop.


  •  The company will confirm the class date and time with the participants individually. If the class date or time needs to be changed, the participants must notify the company within 48 hours before the class. Late requests will not be accepted and the class hours will be deducted without any make-up classes.
  •  The entire course must be completed between 4 July 2024 and 31 August 2024. Any remaining hours not completed within this period will be forfeited.
  •  The company will not refund paid workshop participation fees under any circumstances.
  •  The company will provide iPads with the necessary software, computers and 3D printers for participants to use. Participants can also choose to use their own equipment.

Idea to Done 3D Workshop (Summer 2024 Special Class)

  • There are eight workshops in total, each lasting two hours. Participants can choose any of the following time slots between July 4, 2024 and August 31, 2024:

    • Thursday and Friday 3-5pm / 7-9pm
    • Saturday 11am-1pm / 2-4pm

    Participants can choose more than one time slot each week, and can also choose to pause in the middle. After registration, we will have someone contact you to confirm the date and time you wish to start the course.

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