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3D printing of transparent materials: [The Three-Body Problem] VR helmet transparent version

Recently, Netflix's series "The Three-Body Problem", adapted from a science fiction novel, showed the infinite imagination of future VR tools. Among them, the display of VR helmets is really quite desirable: "Displayed in full view mode in the helmet, nothing can be seen on the monitor."

It may take some time to realize the functions of the VR helmet in our real world, but we have taken the lead in using the existing 3D printing technology to 3D print the VR helmet of "The Three-Body Problem" to simulate the taste of high-tech experience (lol). We even specially printed the transparent version of the "Three-Body Problem" VR helmet to highlight the high-tech feeling of the future!

3D printing technology shapes objects by overlapping layers, and there will be a small space between each layer that affects light transmission, so it is actually quite difficult to achieve a transparent effect. But today, Beets can finally provide you with a 3D printing service that can print transparent effects!

Do you want to test the actual transparent printing effect yourself? Want to experience how transparent it can be? In addition to testing it in person at Shop 155, Laforet, Causeway Bay, you can also send your 3D design file to us immediately and print a transparent one to give it a try!

Contact us now to 3D print your transparent model: Beets 3D design and printing service

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