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揭示 @vincenty3d 的超感染力藝術作品彩蛋

如果大家有Follow同我哋合作無間嘅 #3dartist @vincenty3d IG的話,可能已經見到佢發表了最新的有超感染力藝術品 ,並引起了大家的討論。但呢張作品背後的隱含意義喺咩呢?等我哋解説一下吧!

喺2024年,世界和平、氣候、經濟同科技嘅議題都有好多轉捩點。各地嘅選舉、聯合國氣候變化大會、比特幣半減嘅事件同人工智能嘅崛起都可能帶嚟重大影響。因此,呢幅插畫中嘅角色代表住2024年嘅轉捩點。佢戴緊MK1頭盔,呢個係Tony Stark(鋼鐵人)喺漫威宇宙度嘅第一套鋼鐵裝甲。有人甚至可以話,呢個頭盔都代表着漫威嘅轉捩點。佢周圍仲有Octavius博士嘅機械手臂,象徵着惡意人工智能嘅威脅。佢手上拎住投票箱同比特幣,反映出政治同加密貨幣嘅重要性。最後,佢用其中一隻機械手臂投票,顯示出科技對政治嘅影響力。佢著咗一件印有聯合國氣候變化大會標誌嘅恤衫,顯示出佢對環境問題嘅關注。因此,呢幅插畫描繪咗2024年世界將面臨嘅各種挑戰同機遇。

In the year 2024, there are many turning points related to the concerning topics of World Peace, Climate, Economics, and Technologies. Elections around the world, the United Nations Climate Change Conference, the Bitcoin-halving, and the rise of AI are likely to be impactful. Therefore, the character in this illustration represents the turning point of 2024. He is wearing the MK1 helmet, which is the first ironman suit of Tony Stark - the main character of the Marvel Universe. One might even consider it the turning point for Marvel. He is also surrounded by Dr Octavius’ mechanical arms, which symbolise the threat of rogue AI. In his hands, he is holding the ballot box and bitcoin, which reflect the importance of politics and cryptocurrency. Lastly, he is casting a vote using one of the mechanical arms, which shows the influence of technology on politics. He is wearing a shirt printed with the UN Climate Change Conference logo, which indicates his concern for the environment. As a result, this illustration depicts the various challenges and opportunities that the world will face in 2024.
Turning Points of 2024

大家心目中係咪都有好多想法、意念或者訊息想表達比其他人,但又唔想用文字劃公仔劃出腸呢?立即參加我哋嘅Idea to Done 3D工作坊,你都可以好似Vincent咁用獨特嘅方式同大家説話!

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