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This Eurocel Blue Masking Tape is an acrylic water based blue tape, which has an excellent adhesion to the (heated) platform of any desktop 3D printer, and your PLA 3D prints will stick very well to the surface of this Eurocel Blue Masking Tape. Still, your PLA printed objects can easily be removed from this tape.


Our Eurocel Blue Masking Tape has a thickness of 0.13mm and it comes in a very convenient width of 50mm. This ensures that taping your print bed with this blue tape is only a matter of seconds. One roll of Eurocel Blue Masking Tape contains 50 metres of tape.



  • Good adhesion level to (heated) platform
  • 3D prints stick very well to the surface/texture of this tape
  • Prints can easily be removed from the surface of this tape
  • Easy removal without adhesive residue
  • Removable without breaking
  • Easy unwinding
  • Hand tearable

Eurocel Blue Masking Tape

  • A good first layer adhesion is of the utmost importance in obtaining the best results for your prints. PLA prints stick really well to this Eurocel Blue Masking tape.

    This Eurocel Blue Masking tape comes in a convenient width of 50 millimetres, so you only need a couple of strokes for taping your entire print bed. When preparing the print bed it is better to have tiny gaps between your strokes of masking tape, rather than having overlaps. Overlaps of smaller pieces of tape may cause difficulties later on during the print process.

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