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Procusini 3D Food Printer @ Hong Kong International Airport


暑假快到,又係旅遊旺季,大家在香港國際機場出發時,記得預早一點入閘,然後去見下最先進的3D食物打印機Procusini 3D Food Printer

當大家入閘之後,可以到閘口1-4那一邊,到一家很洋酒免稅店,就會見到協助推廣Hennessy XO的Procusini 3D Food Printer嘅真身了。除此之外,機旁還放置了利用朱古力打印、代表Hennessy XO的H字型logo,真係睇到都想食!

Summer is coming and it's travel time! In case if you are departing from the Hong Kong International Airport, remember to enter the restricted area earlier to see Procusini, the most advanced 3D Food Printer!

After you go past the immigration, head to Gates no. 1-4. You will find a duty fee wine shop and see the real Procusini 3D Food Printer used for promotion of Hennessy XO. Apart from the machine, you can also see chocolate print samples of an "H" shaped logo, representing the Hennessy XO brand.

除了朱古力,Procusini 3D Food Printer還支援各式各樣的食材,配合簡單易用的Procusini Club應用程式,大家可以輕鬆創作色香味全的佳餚美食。

Apart from chocolate, you can use a large variety of food materials on Procusini 3D Food Printer to create the most attractive cuisine and dishes.

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