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With a simple plug-and-play setup, Palette 3 enables your printer to print multiple colours in one print, combine flexible and rigid materials together, and achieve high quality complex prints with soluble supports. Palette 3 Pro is an enhanced version of Palette 3 and suitable for high-demand printers and workhorse makers.


Mosaic Palette 3 Pro Main Features


  • All aluminum Splice Core Pro allows for up to 10% faster splicing and cooling, improving the overall print time.
  • Multi-material material input allows for more intricate prints and provides automated filament management.
  • Palette 3 comes with an industry leading, 8 input capabilities, giving users the most flexibility when choosing colours as well as materials to run their prints.
  • Automated Filament management allows you to have back up spools in order to run longer & bigger prints without worrying about running out of filament or replacing an empty spool mid-print.
  • Redesigned and upgraded limit switches that have been tested to last up to 3 million cycles.
  • Sleek all-black casing for a neat and professional look.
  • Integrated Canvas Hub to streamline communication between all your devices for an easier user experience.
  • Manage all prints on the cloud with our seamless software integration of Canvas.
  • Includes many spare parts and 2-year warranty (up to 50,000 splices).
  • Support most 1.75mm 3D Printers.

Mosaic Palette 3 Pro: Multi-material 3D Print for Professionals

SKU: mosai-palette-3-pro
HK$7,580.00 Regular Price
HK$6,680.00Sale Price
  • Mosaic Palette 3 Pro is now available for pre-order at HK$6,680. Depending on the manufacturer's actual shipping date, we expect to ship it in Jan2022 according to the pre-order sequence.

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