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FormFutura Luvocom 3F PEKK 50082 (PolyEtherKetoneKetone) is a high-performance polymer from the PAEK (PolyArylEtherKetone) family. Luvocom 3F PEKK 50082 is a semi-crystalline PEKK filament which exhibits outstanding mechaniccal properties combined with excellent thermal-, wear-, and chemical resistance. Parts that are 3D printed with Luvocom 3F PEKK 50082 filament are suitable for use in applications that will be exposed to short term service temperatures of up to 300°C and continious service temperatures up to 255°C.

FormFutura Luvocom 3F PEKK 50082 filament can be processed at lower 3D printing temperatures than PEEK-based 3D printer filaments and yet it provides approximately a 15°C higher glass transition temperature (Tg). This makes Luvocom 3F PEKK 50082 filament a very versatile high performance 3D printing polymer that is capable to 3D print parts that can replace metal and composite parts used in various industries. This PEKK filament unlocks industrial 3D printing applications in various industries, such as aerospace, medical, oil & gas, energy, marine, and automotive. Luvocom 3F PEKK 50082 filament allows one to 3D print parts with excellent layer bonding resulting in an usnurpassed dimensional accuracy and z-strength for PEKK 3D printed parts.


Unique features

  • Lehvoss Luvocom 3F PEKK 50082 NT inside
  • Suitable for applications with a continuous service temperature of 255°CShort term service temperature of 300°C (during lifetime max. 200h)
  • Very limited to no warping
  • Unique tribological properties
  • Excellent mechanical properties
  • Flame resistance properties according to UL 94 V-0
  • Exceptional chemical resistance properties

The PAEK family


PolyArylEtherKetone (PAEK) is a family of semi-crystalline high performance thermoplastics that are characterized by high mechanical strength and excellent resistance to temperature, chemicals and wear. The most widely used members of the PAEK thermoplastic family are:

  • PolyEtherEtherKetone (PEEK)
  • PolyEtherKetoneKetone (PEKK)
  • PolyEtherKetone (PEK)
  • PolyEtherKetoneEtherKetoneKetone (PEKEKK)
  • PolyEtherEtherKetoneKetone (PEEKK)

This product normally takes 1-2 weeks to ship

FormFutura 1.75mm Luvocom 3F PEKK 50082 NT

SKU: FF175-Luvocom-3F-PEKK-50082-NT-0500
  • Nozzle size:  ≥ 0.4mm

    Layer height: ≥ 0.10mm

    Experience level: Professional

    Print temp: ± 320 - 360° C

    Fan speed: 0 - 25%

    Drying:  +4 hours at max.110°C

    Heat bed: ≥ 120° C

    Enclosure needed:  90°C heated chamberAdhesion: EasyFix Nr. VII

    Spool Weight: 0.5kg


    Above displayed settings are meant as guidance to find your optimal print settings. These ranges in settings should work for most printers, but please do feel free to experiment outside these ranges if you think it is suitable for your printer. There are a lot of different type of printers, hot-ends and printer offsets that it is extremely difficult to give an overall one-size-fits-all setting.

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