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3D modeling and printing helped a little girl realize her wish: a heartwarming gift for her father

3D modeling and printing are becoming more and more popular, and more and more people are beginning to come into contact with and apply this technology to various aspects. What we are most looking forward to is that this technology can eventually be integrated into everyone's daily life and make the impossible possible. Recently, a customer brought a very heartwarming story and asked us to help the little girl in the story realize her wish.

What does it take to realize a child’s wild idea?

According to the customer, the little girl's father likes to eat durian. So the little girl painted a durian with Tiffany Blue, saying it was a hair clip, and gave it to her father.

The customer suddenly had an idea: could this childlike and heartwarming little gift be turned into a real hair clip?

Based on the little girl's drawing, we tried our best to recreate the unique durian shape in Nomad Sculpt . Then we carefully measured the size of the hair clip provided by the customer, created a 3D model of the hair clip using Fusion360, and then imported the file into Nomad Sculpt to confirm that the durian ornament could fit the hairpin to complete the assembly.

First, we 3D print out the first version to check if there are any problems with the size and assembly. After confirming that there are no problems, we use PLA, which the colour is the closest to Tiffany Blue, to 3D print out the finished product. Finally, the durian ornament and the hair clip are perfectly combined, and the work is done!

At the end of the story, the father was very happy and appreciated this thoughtful little gift! We are also very honored to be able to participate in this heartwarming story, to be a part of it, and to share the joy with everyone!

What does it take to realize a child's wild idea? In fact, it just takes action on our part.

This is exactly what our Idea to Done 3D workshop is all about! If you also want to experience how 3D modeling and printing can help us realize our ideas, sign up now!

I hope everyone can realize their dreams and make their wishes come true!

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